Geopolitics of Sub-Saharan Africa

África Subsariana Interior

5th edition 

The 5th edition of the course will focus on Russia’s presence in Africa.

The Geopolitics of Sub-Saharan Africa course uses the Geopolitics analysis tool – space as a theater of operations – to understand Sub-Saharan Africa today, with a special focus on Portuguese-speaking African Countries and regional security structures. With a multidisciplinary approach, the course covers key issues of geopolitical activity in the region, presented by researchers specialized in the subjects. The organization is up to three research institutions: National Defense Institute (IDN) under the Ministry of Defense, the Center for International Studies, Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon (CEI-Iscte) and OBSERVARE of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL).

Classes will be held exclusively online and in english

  • Identify key geopolitical issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Reflect on key dimensions of geopolitical action, namely those related to domestic and international politics, the environment, issues of war and peace and multilateral security organizations.
  • Highlight relevant cases of Portuguese-speaking African Countries.
  • Understand the processes in a regional way, involving several States, with regard to dynamics in the South Atlantic, Gulf of Guinea and Horn of Africa.
  • Students from the various cycles of Higher Education, namely from the areas of International Relations, Political Science, History, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Communication and African Studies.
  • Diplomatic corps and senior embassy officials;
  • Journalists and experts on the subject.
  • Members of the Armed Forces and Security Forces and Services.
  • Public Administration staff, namely from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Internal Administration and the Ministry of Economy.
  • Senior staff and technicians from Municipal Councils and Companies oriented towards internationalization.

Focus on Russia in Africa

Russia’s Africa Ambitions
Alex Vines (Chatham House)

The Putin ‘s Russia footprint in Africa: the African vector in Russian foreign policy
Sónia Sénica (UAL)

The Russian challenge to European interests and values in Sub-Saharan Africa
Licínia Simão (UC-FE)

Cold War Handbook, Hybrid Tools & Contemporary Realities: Russia’s Proxies and Presence in Africa
Cyprian Kozera (University of Warsaw)

Contesting the lusophonie in Africa? Russia’s influence in Mozambique
Ana Isabel Xavier (UAL)

Private Military Companies. The case of Russia’s Wagner Group
Andreas Heinemann-Gruder (University of Bonn)

The activity of the Wagner group in Africa
Tenente-General Marco Serronha

General theme

Conflicts, separatism, and secession in the Horn of Africa
Aleksi Ylonen (CEI-Iscte/IUL)

Climate Change, Migration and Securitisation: Lessons from Guinea-Bissau
Cláudia Santos (ICS-ULisboa)

The African Union’s foreign and security policy
Frank Mattheis (UNU-CRIS)

Aleksi Ylonen (CEI-Iscte/IUL)
Alex Vines (Chatham House)
Ana Isabel Xavier (OBSERVARE/UAL)
Andreas Heinemann-Gruder (University of Bonn)
Cláudia Santos (ICS-ULisboa)
Cyprian Kozera (University of Warsaw)
Frank Mattheis (UNU-CRIS)
Licínia Simão (FEUC/CES)
Tenente-General Marco Serronha
Sónia Sénica (UAL e IPRI-NOVA)

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